Does Vogacloset Deliver to the USA?

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Vogacloset, the popular online retailer known for its trendy and affordable fashion, has been gaining a significant following around the world. However, for those residing in the United States, a burning question remains – Does Vogacloset deliver to the USA? In this article, we will delve into this topic and explore the availability and shipping options offered by Vogacloset for their American customers.

The Availability of Vogacloset in the USA

Vogacloset, based in the United Kingdom, initially catered to customers in Europe and the Middle East. But as their popularity grew, they expanded their reach to other countries, including the United States. This expansion has made Vogacloset accessible to fashion enthusiasts in the USA, providing them with the opportunity to embrace the latest trends without leaving their homes.

Shipping Options for USA Customers

Understanding the importance of fast and reliable shipping, Vogacloset offers multiple options for their USA customers. The company partners with various trusted shipping carriers to ensure seamless delivery. Customers can choose from standard shipping, express shipping, and even next-day delivery in certain regions. This flexibility in shipping options allows customers to tailor their purchases to their specific needs, whether they require their new fashion finds urgently or are willing to wait a little longer.

Delivery Timeframes for USA Orders

When it comes to delivery timeframes, Vogacloset strives to meet their customers’ expectations. The delivery timeframes, however, may vary based on the shipping option selected and the customer’s location within the USA. On average, standard shipping takes approximately 8-12 business days, while express shipping shortens the wait to around 4-7 business days. For those in a hurry, next-day delivery is available for select regions within the USA. It is important to note that these timeframes are estimates and may be subject to unforeseen delays due to factors beyond Vogacloset’s control, such as customs clearance procedures.

Shipping Costs to the USA

Keeping affordability in mind, Vogacloset ensures that their shipping costs to the USA remain reasonable. The cost of shipping is calculated based on the weight of the package and the chosen shipping option. Customers can view the shipping fees at the checkout stage before finalizing their purchase. It is advisable to review these costs before placing an order to avoid any surprises and make an informed decision.

Returns and Exchange Policy for USA Customers

Vogacloset understands that shopping online can sometimes result in the need for returns or exchanges. For their USA customers, Vogacloset offers a hassle-free returns and exchange policy. If an item does not meet expectations or requires a different size, customers can initiate the return process within 14 days of receiving their order. The return shipping fees, however, are the responsibility of the customer and should be paid upfront. Upon receiving the returned item, Vogacloset processes refunds or exchanges promptly, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience for their customers.


In conclusion, Vogacloset does indeed deliver to the USA, making their stylish and affordable fashion accessible to customers across the country. With a range of shipping options, including express and next-day delivery, Vogacloset ensures that their customers receive their orders in a timely manner. Additionally, their customer-friendly returns and exchange policy further enhances the shopping experience. If you’re a fashion enthusiast residing in the USA, Vogacloset is just a click away, ready to bring the latest trends to your doorstep. So go ahead, explore their vast collection, and elevate your style with Vogacloset!

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