Does UK Amazon Deliver to the USA?

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Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. With its extensive selection of products and efficient delivery services, it has gained immense popularity among online shoppers. While Amazon is widely known for delivering goods to various countries, one common question that arises is whether UK Amazon delivers to the USA. In this article, we will explore the possibilities and considerations associated with having items from UK Amazon shipped to the United States.

Can UK Amazon Deliver to the USA?

When it comes to cross-border shopping, there are certain limitations and restrictions that need to be considered. In the case of UK Amazon, it primarily caters to customers within the United Kingdom. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that UK Amazon cannot deliver to the USA. In fact, there are ways to have items from UK Amazon shipped to the United States, although it may not always be straightforward.

Using Global Amazon Sites

One method to have products from UK Amazon delivered to the USA is by using the global Amazon sites. Amazon operates numerous regional websites, including Amazon UK and Amazon US. By accessing the UK Amazon site, customers can search for and purchase items that are available in the United Kingdom. However, when it comes to the actual delivery, customers have to consider a few additional factors.

Considerations for Delivery

While it is technically possible to order items from UK Amazon and have them delivered to the USA, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, the availability of certain products may vary between countries. Certain items may be exclusive to the UK market or have different versions specifically designed for that region. Therefore, it is important to check the availability of the desired product on the global Amazon site before making a purchase.

Another consideration is shipping costs and times. Since the items will be shipped from the UK, customers may incur higher shipping fees compared to domestic deliveries. Additionally, the delivery time may be longer, depending on the shipping method chosen. It is advisable to review the shipping details and estimated delivery times provided by UK Amazon before finalizing the purchase.

Reverse Logistics and Parcel Forwarding

To facilitate the delivery of UK Amazon products to the USA, there are several services available that offer parcel forwarding. These companies provide customers with a UK address, which can be used as the shipping destination for the UK Amazon orders. Once the items reach the local UK address, the parcel forwarding service will then ship it to the customer’s specified address in the USA. This method allows customers to access and purchase items from UK Amazon that may not be readily available in the USA.


While UK Amazon primarily serves customers within the United Kingdom, it is possible to have items delivered to the USA through various methods. By utilizing the global Amazon sites and considering the availability, shipping costs, and delivery times, customers can access a wide range of products from UK Amazon. Additionally, with the assistance of parcel forwarding services, even items exclusive to the UK market can be easily obtained by customers in the USA. It is important to research and understand the limitations and logistics involved before making purchases from UK Amazon for delivery in the USA.

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