Does The Barcelona Store Deliver to the USA?

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If you’re a fan of FC Barcelona and reside in the United States, getting your hands on official merchandise can sometimes be a challenge. With the popularity of the club soaring, fans across the globe eagerly seek out ways to showcase their support. However, the question remains: does the Barcelona Store deliver to the USA? In this article, we will explore the options available to American fans and discuss the various ways to get your hands on authentic Barcelona merchandise.

Ordering from the Barcelona Store

Fortunately for fans residing in the USA, the Barcelona Store does indeed deliver to American addresses. The club acknowledges the massive following it has gained in the United States and has taken steps to ensure that fans across the Atlantic can easily purchase official merchandise. By visiting the Barcelona Store’s website, you can explore a vast range of jerseys, scarves, accessories, and more, all from the comfort of your own home.

International Shipping

The Barcelona Store offers international shipping services, including to the USA. This means that regardless of your location within the United States, you can place an order and have it delivered right to your doorstep. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that international shipping may involve additional fees and longer delivery times compared to domestic orders. While the Barcelona Store strives to provide reliable and prompt service, factors such as customs clearance and distance can affect the delivery timeframe.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

When ordering from the Barcelona Store to the USA, it is important to consider the associated shipping costs and delivery times. The exact shipping cost will depend on the weight, size, and destination of your order. The store’s website provides a shipping calculator that allows you to estimate the cost before finalizing your purchase. As for delivery times, they can vary depending on the shipping method selected. Standard shipping usually takes between 7-14 business days, while express shipping can significantly reduce delivery times to approximately 2-5 business days.

Return Policy

While it is always exciting to receive your Barcelona merchandise, there may be occasions where a return or exchange is necessary. The Barcelona Store has a well-defined return policy to ensure customer satisfaction. If you receive damaged or defective goods, you can contact their customer service within 15 days of receiving your order to request a return or exchange. However, it is important to note that personalized items cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing defect. Punctual communication with the customer service team is crucial to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Alternative Options

In addition to ordering directly from the official Barcelona Store, there are a few alternative options for US-based fans seeking authentic merchandise. One popular choice is to utilize reputable online retailers who specialize in sports merchandise. These platforms often carry a wide range of official Barcelona products and provide reliable shipping services to the United States. Another option is to look for local sports stores or specialty shops that may import Barcelona merchandise.


In conclusion, fans of FC Barcelona residing in the USA have several avenues to explore when looking to purchase official merchandise. The Barcelona Store, acknowledging their massive fan base in the United States, offers international shipping to deliver products directly to American addresses. By availing of this service, fans can proudly showcase their support for the club, regardless of their location. Alternatively, there are also reputable online retailers and local sports stores that can provide fans with a range of Barcelona merchandise. So go ahead, explore the options available to you, and let your love for Barcelona shine through!

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