Does Purdys Deliver to the USA?

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Purdys Chocolatier, renowned for their delectable chocolates and exceptional customer service, is a Canadian company that has captured the hearts of chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. With their extensive collection of handcrafted chocolates, it comes as no surprise that many people in the United States are wondering if Purdys delivers to their country. In this article, we will delve into the question of whether Purdys delivers to the USA and explore the options available to American chocolate lovers.

Can You Have Purdys Delivered to the USA?

Purdys Chocolatier has long been associated with delivering smiles and happiness to chocolate enthusiasts. While their primary market is in Canada, they have expanded their services to cater to the growing international demand for their products. However, when it comes to delivery to the United States, the options are limited.

Delivery Options for the USA

Currently, Purdys Chocolatier offers limited delivery options for customers in the United States. Online orders can be placed through their website, but delivery services are only available for select cities within the United States. This means that delivery might not be available in all areas of the country.

Online Ordering Process

To place an order for delivery to the USA, customers can visit the Purdys Chocolatier website and browse through their tantalizing selection of chocolates. Once the desired items have been added to the cart, customers can proceed to the checkout process. During checkout, customers need to enter their shipping address to determine if delivery is available in their area. If delivery is not available, customers may need to consider alternative delivery options or have the order shipped to a Canadian address for later pickup or forwarding.

Alternative Options for US Customers

Although direct delivery to the USA might not be available for all customers, there are alternative options to experience the wonderful taste of Purdys chocolates. One option is to visit one of the Purdys Chocolatier stores located in Canada. This way, American chocolate lovers can personally select their favorite chocolates and enjoy them on the spot or take them back home.

Another alternative is to explore third-party websites and retailers that offer Purdys chocolates. It is essential to ensure that the website or retailer selected is reputable and offers legitimate Purdys products. While this option might have additional costs associated with it, it allows American customers to savor the delectable flavors of Purdys without the limitations of direct delivery.


While Purdys Chocolatier’s delicious chocolates have garnered a loyal following in Canada, the availability of direct delivery to the United States is currently limited. However, alternative options such as visiting Canadian stores or utilizing reputable third-party retailers can provide American chocolate enthusiasts with the opportunity to indulge in the exceptional flavors of Purdys. As Purdys continues to expand its international presence, it is possible that more delivery options will become available to customers in the United States. Until then, those in search of these delightful treats can explore these alternatives to satisfy their cravings.

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