Does Mercadolibre Deliver to the USA?

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Mercadolibre is one of the largest online marketplaces in Latin America, offering a wide range of products and services. With its convenient platform and extensive seller network, it has gained popularity among customers both regionally and globally. However, if you’re residing in the United States, you might be wondering whether Mercadolibre delivers to your location. In this article, we will explore whether Mercadolibre offers delivery services to the USA, and what options are available for international customers.

Does Mercadolibre Deliver to the USA?

As a general rule, Mercadolibre primarily focuses on serving customers within Latin American countries. While it does facilitate international shipping for some products, the availability and feasibility of delivery to the USA might vary. It’s important to note that Mercadolibre is not directly responsible for shipping the products, as the delivery itself is managed by the individual sellers who use the platform.

Options for International Customers

While Mercadolibre doesn’t have a dedicated shipping service to the USA, there are still viable options if you are interested in purchasing items from the platform. One alternative is to look for sellers who offer international shipping. Some sellers on Mercadolibre do provide this option, allowing you to receive your desired products in the USA. By filtering search results and selecting the “ships to the USA” option, you can easily find these international sellers.

Considerations and Limitations

It is important to consider that international shipping on Mercadolibre may come with certain limitations. For instance, availability of products might be limited, and shipping fees tend to be higher compared to domestic deliveries. Additionally, customs regulations and import taxes imposed by the USA might apply, which can impact the overall cost and delivery time of your purchase. It is advisable to carefully review the shipping details and associated fees before finalizing your purchase.

Using Third-Party Package Forwarding Services

Another option to have Mercadolibre purchases delivered to the USA is to utilize third-party package forwarding services. These services provide you with a dedicated shipping address within a country where Mercadolibre operates, such as Argentina or Mexico. Once your package reaches this address, the forwarding service then ships it to your address in the USA. While this method adds an extra step to the delivery process, it offers a solution for customers who want to purchase from Mercadolibre and have items sent to the USA.


Mercadolibre, the prominent online marketplace in Latin America, doesn’t have a direct delivery service to the USA. However, interested customers still have options to receive products, either by finding international sellers who ship to the USA or by utilizing third-party package forwarding services. While these alternatives offer a solution, it is essential to consider the potential limitations, such as limited availability, higher shipping fees, and potential customs regulations. By carefully evaluating these factors, customers can still enjoy the convenience and variety that Mercadolibre has to offer, even when residing in the USA.

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