Does Mandarake Deliver to the USA?

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In the world of anime and manga, finding the perfect collectibles can sometimes be a challenge, especially for fans residing outside of Japan. Mandarake, a popular Japanese retailer specializing in anime, manga, and pop culture goods, has garnered a significant following worldwide. However, a question frequently asked by fans in the United States is, “Does Mandarake deliver to the USA?” In this article, we will explore the options and procedures available for American customers seeking to purchase from Mandarake and have their goodies safely delivered right to their doorsteps.

Understanding Mandarake’s Shipping Policy

Mandarake takes pride in catering to the international market, including customers in the United States. When it comes to shipping to the USA, the retailer offers various delivery methods to suit different preferences and budgets.

The standard shipping option available for American customers is EMS (Express Mail Service), which provides fast and reliable delivery within a few business days. With EMS, you can conveniently track your parcel and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure and insured shipment. Additionally, Mandarake also offers the option of SAL (Surface Air Lifted) for more economical shipping, although it comes with a longer delivery time.

Placing an Order

To initiate the ordering process, you can visit Mandarake’s official website and explore their extensive collection of anime and manga-related merchandise. Once you have chosen your desired items, add them to your virtual cart and proceed to the checkout page. During the checkout process, you will be asked to provide your shipping details, including your address in the United States.

Mandarake ensures that its customers have access to reliable shipping options by collaborating with established courier services. By partnering with these providers, the retailer can guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your order, regardless of its size or weight.

Customs and Import Fees

Whenever international shipments are involved, it’s essential to be aware of potential customs and import fees that may be incurred upon arrival in the United States. Customs duties vary depending on the total value of the goods being imported. As such, it is advisable for American customers to familiarize themselves with their country’s customs regulations and charges to avoid unexpected surprises. It is worth noting that these fees are not included in the initial purchase cost and will be the customer’s responsibility to settle.

Tracking Your Shipment

One of the advantages of using Mandarake’s shipping services is that customers can easily track the progress of their shipments. Whether you opt for EMS or SAL, you will receive a tracking number to keep tabs on your package’s whereabouts. By entering this tracking number on Mandarake’s website or the courier service’s dedicated portal, you can receive real-time updates on the status and location of your shipment.


For anime and manga enthusiasts residing in the United States, the prospect of acquiring authentic collectibles from Japan can now be easily realized through Mandarake. With reliable shipping options designed to cater to American customers, fans can indulge in their passion for Japanese pop culture and have their orders conveniently delivered to their doorstep. By understanding Mandarake’s shipping policies and being aware of potential customs and import fees, fans in the USA can enjoy hassle-free shopping experiences through this renowned Japanese retailer. So, go ahead, explore the vast world of anime and manga merchandise, and let Mandarake assist you in delivering your favorite items straight to your home.

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