Does Jumia Deliver to the USA?

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In the age of global e-commerce, the opportunity to buy products from around the world has never been easier. One platform that has gained significant popularity is Jumia, an online marketplace that started in Africa and has expanded to serve customers in several countries. With its extensive range of products and competitive prices, many Americans are curious to know if Jumia delivers to the USA. In this article, we will explore this question and provide a definitive answer.

Does Jumia Deliver to the USA?

If you’re residing in the USA and eager to explore the offerings of Jumia, unfortunately, the answer is no. Jumia currently does not offer direct delivery services to the United States. However, before feeling disheartened, we urge you to keep reading as we shed light on alternative options that can still allow you to access a wide range of unique products.

Using Third-Party Shipping Services

While Jumia may not deliver directly to the USA, there are still possibilities to enjoy the benefits of their marketplace. One option is to utilize third-party shipping services. These companies act as intermediaries, providing you with a local shipping address in the country where Jumia operates. Once your products are delivered to this local address, the shipping company will then forward the packages to your address in the USA. This method allows you to overcome the geographical limitations and enjoy the diverse products available on Jumia.

How to Use Third-Party Shipping Services

To use third-party shipping services effectively, follow these steps:

1. Research and choose a reputable shipping company that operates in the country where Jumia delivers.

2. Sign up and create an account with the chosen shipping company.

3. Obtain the local address that the shipping company provides.

4. Proceed with your online shopping on Jumia by entering the given address as your shipping address.

5. Once the packages arrive at the local address, the shipping company will notify you and facilitate the delivery to your USA address.

Benefits and Considerations

It’s important to understand the benefits and considerations of using third-party shipping services when ordering from Jumia:

1. Access to unique products: By leveraging third-party shipping, you unlock the ability to purchase items that may be difficult to find elsewhere in the USA.

2. Cost-effective: Depending on the shipping company, the fees for their services may be competitive compared to international shipping charges.

3. Customs and import duties: When using third-party shipping, be aware of potential customs duties and import taxes that may be applicable when your packages arrive in the USA. It’s essential to research and understand these fees to avoid any unexpected costs.


In conclusion, while Jumia does not directly deliver to the USA, there are still ways to access the products it offers. By utilizing third-party shipping services, Americans can enjoy the convenience of shopping on Jumia and have their purchases delivered to their doorstep. Remember, when using third-party shipping, it is crucial to research reputable companies, be aware of any customs duties, and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the service. So, if you’ve been eyeing a product on Jumia, don’t let the shipping limitation discourage you. Explore the options available and open the door to a world of unique and diverse products.

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