Does Indigo Books Deliver to the USA?

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Indigo Books is a prominent Canadian bookstore chain that offers a wide range of books, eBooks, and lifestyle products. With its extensive collection and quality service, customers in the United States may wonder if Indigo Books delivers to their country. In this article, we will explore whether Indigo Books provides shipping and delivery services to the USA, ensuring that customers make informed decisions before purchasing from this renowned bookstore chain.

Shipping Options

When it comes to shipping, Indigo Books offers various options to its customers in Canada. However, when it comes to delivering to the USA, the picture is slightly different. Unfortunately, Indigo Books does not provide direct shipping services to customers residing in the United States. This means that if you are in the USA, you cannot place an order on Indigo Books’ website and get it shipped to your address.

Alternatives for US Customers

While Indigo Books may not deliver directly to the USA, this does not mean that US customers are completely out of options. There are a few alternatives that customers can explore to get their desired books or products.

1. Indigo Books Marketplace

The Indigo Books Marketplace is an online platform where third-party sellers, including independent booksellers and individuals, can list their products. US customers can browse through this marketplace and find sellers who are willing to ship to the United States. It is important to note that shipping rates and delivery times may vary depending on the individual seller. Nevertheless, this option allows US customers to access a wide range of books and products available through Indigo Books.

2. Global Shipping Services

Another option for US customers is to utilize global shipping services. Some companies specialize in forwarding packages from Canada to the United States. Customers can have their purchases from Indigo Books shipped to these forwarding companies’ addresses in Canada and then have the companies forward those packages to their US address. While this method involves additional steps and potentially higher shipping costs, it can be a viable solution for US customers who are eager to purchase books or products from Indigo Books.

Benefits of Utilizing Alternatives

Although the process of obtaining Indigo Books’ products in the United States may appear more complicated compared to direct shipping, there are benefits worth considering. Firstly, the Indigo Books Marketplace allows customers to browse products from different sellers, providing an extensive selection to choose from. Secondly, utilizing global shipping services gives customers the flexibility to shop from Indigo Books without worrying about geographical limitations. Whether it’s a rare book, a best-seller, or a lifestyle product, these alternatives enable US customers to access and enjoy the offerings of Indigo Books.


While Indigo Books does not deliver directly to the United States, it is essential for US customers to know that alternatives exist. The Indigo Books Marketplace and global shipping services offer solutions for those who are interested in purchasing from this renowned Canadian bookstore chain. By utilizing these alternatives, US customers can enjoy a wide variety of books and products available through Indigo Books, ensuring that the thrill of discovery and the joy of reading are not limited by geographic boundaries.

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