Does Budmail Deliver to the USA?

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Budmail is a well-known Canadian online dispensary that provides top-quality marijuana products to its customers. With its wide selection of strains, concentrates, edibles, and more, Budmail has gained a reputation for offering reliable and discreet services to cannabis enthusiasts across Canada. However, many people in the United States wonder if Budmail also delivers its products south of the border. In this article, we will explore whether Budmail delivers to the USA and provide more information about their shipping policies.

Budmail’s Shipping Policies

Budmail has made it clear on their website that their shipping services are exclusively available within Canada. While Budmail is unable to directly deliver their products to addresses in the United States, there are alternative options for US customers who wish to get their hands on Budmail’s high-quality cannabis products.

Third-Party Services

To cater to the demand from US customers, Budmail has teamed up with reputable third-party shipping services that specialize in forwarding packages from Canada to the United States. These services provide a solution for American customers who want to experience Budmail’s extensive product selection.

By utilizing a third-party shipping service, US customers can have their Budmail orders shipped to a Canadian address. Once the package arrives at the designated Canadian location, the third-party service will then forward it to the customer’s US address. This allows Budmail to extend their reach beyond Canada while still adhering to legal restrictions.

Legal Considerations

The reason Budmail does not directly ship to the United States is due to the discrepancy in marijuana regulations between the two countries. While Canada has legalized the recreational use of cannabis nationwide, the United States operates under a state-by-state basis, with varying laws and regulations regarding marijuana.

Each state has its own legislation concerning the possession and distribution of cannabis, with some states legalizing both medical and recreational use, while others only allow medical use. Additionally, federal law still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which makes shipping cannabis products across international borders a legally complex task for businesses like Budmail.

To navigate these legal complexities, Budmail has opted to work with reputable third-party shipping services. By utilizing these services, Budmail ensures that their operations remain compliant with both Canadian and American laws.


While Budmail does not directly ship their products to the United States, they have established partnerships with third-party shipping services to accommodate the demand from their American customers. These services allow US customers to access Budmail’s wide range of products by shipping the orders to a Canadian address and then forwarding them to the customer’s US location.

Budmail’s decision to collaborate with these reputable third-party shipping services showcases their commitment to providing high-quality cannabis products while adhering to legal restrictions. By working within the confines of Canadian and American laws, Budmail ensures that their customers have access to top-quality marijuana products while maintaining a professional and informative approach.

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