Does Ace Seeds Deliver to the USA?

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Does Ace Seeds Deliver to the USA?


If you’re an avid gardener or a cannabis enthusiast in the United States, you may be wondering whether you can get your hands on Ace Seeds, one of the world’s renowned seed banks. With their impressive catalog of unique and top-quality marijuana strains, it’s no surprise that many people are eager to try their products. However, it is essential to know if Ace Seeds delivers to the USA before getting your hopes up. In this article, we will delve into this question and provide you with the necessary information.

The Policy of Ace Seeds

Ace Seeds, a leading seed bank based in Spain, has gained a strong reputation for producing rare and exceptional cannabis strains. They offer a wide range of genetics, including landrace strains from various parts of the world. While they have a global customer base, their policy on shipping to the USA is worth exploring.

Shipping to the USA

Unfortunately, Ace Seeds does not currently ship directly to the United States. Due to the complex and ever-evolving legal regulations surrounding cannabis possession and distribution, Ace Seeds has made the decision to focus on other markets. They prioritize countries where the laws concerning cannabis are more permissive, allowing them to serve a larger customer base without running into legal complications.

Alternative Options

If you’re determined to get your hands on Ace Seeds strains despite the lack of direct shipping to the USA, there are alternative options available to you. One option is to use a trusted seed reseller. Several reputable seed banks within the United States and other countries have partnerships with Ace Seeds. They import their products legally and make them available to customers in the USA. By purchasing through these authorized resellers, you can still access Ace Seeds strains without breaking any laws.

Benefits of Using Authorized Resellers

Utilizing authorized resellers that collaborate with Ace Seeds not only ensures that you can legally obtain their genetics but also offers additional benefits. Authorized resellers have experience and knowledge in the industry, allowing them to provide guidance and recommendations based on your specific needs. Moreover, they often have an extensive selection of strains available, including both Ace Seeds and other popular breeders, giving you a wide range of choices to explore.


While Ace Seeds does not currently ship directly to the United States, there are alternative options available for those who wish to acquire their highly sought-after cannabis strains. By purchasing through authorized resellers, you can legally obtain Ace Seeds genetics while enjoying the expertise and variety provided by these trusted partners. As always, it is essential to stay updated on the legal restrictions and regulations regarding cannabis in your state and country. Remember, responsible consumption and abiding by local laws are crucial when engaging in the cultivation and use of cannabis.

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