We are 65years of Independence as a nation, when?what are we waiting for? When is that time coming? The time is now and now is the time . A country less than 36million of population with all the most important natural resources in world, should have been the first country in Africa to initiate such a policy.
Speaking on a Segment ” Mofra “, on his Saturday’s popular Radio show Reggae Paradise on Dadi FM 101.1mhz said,
“We are only demanding ¢50 cedis per a child ,thus ¢600 cedis annually, these monies will be invested for the child upon attaining age 18,then we handover the investment to him or her as a seed to start something with.

This is achievable by basing our strength of financing from our GOD ( Gold , Oil and Diamond ). Central government can allocate a little percentage of returns from all our natural resources to support this agenda. The tollbooth alone can even finance such an agenda he said.
Nana Ntow Reggae Bombadier continued by saying, A child is a Child, no child is poor or rich, a child is a child! The children’s up fit have become some big men Outfit.It is about time we set proper and better policies for the children of ghana.

According to the UN, a child is a human from age 3 till 18years. What indeed are we doing for our own children in our own motherland.
Nana Ntow further disclosed on his radio show that, A group called Reggae Ambassadors are championing these fight called Pay the Ghanaian Child now we are looking forward to have a press conference soon and we are also ever ready to fight for Ghanaian children with all our strengthen through Jah who strengthens us. You can find us on social media.

July 25, 2022


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